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Fourth Wing Stained Glass Dragon Bookmark

Fourth Wing Stained Glass Dragon Bookmark

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Bookmark Design
Did someone say Fantasy? Currently I'M in my fantasy and romantasy era! * Thanks Booktokers *

These particular metal bookmarks are inspired by Rebecca Yarros' Bestselling fantasy novel, Fourth Wing. They are both vibrant and long-lasting and make the perfect gift for your booklover!

Choose from the following variations:
- 'in my fantasy era' (white & black)
- Dragons (gold dragon and black dragon, Andarna & Tairn, on stained glass style background)
- 'There's nowhere in existence you could got hat I wouldn't find you' spoken by the Shadow Daddy himself... Wingleader Xaden Riorson.

Each metal bookmark is made with thin, slightly bendable metal, allowing it to be durable without all the bulk! Our bookmarks are sublimated with ink resulting in a beautiful, vibrant, long-lasting product. Each one also comes with a tassel!

Thank you for supporting our Etsy Shop! <3

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